music in the community

Sean has been busy with commissions from different organizations, working on original works for Huntsville-centric arts projects.


He was commissioned to write original songs for a theatre piece titled WHEN WINNIE KNEW, a romantic tragedy about the lover and death of Tom Thomson.

Listen to one of the show's songs here:



Invited to perform at the Tom Thomson Art Paddle Auction, Sean was handed a dobro made from an Algonquin Outfitters canoe paddle. He wrote a song for it and performed it live at the event.

Watch Sean perform The Tao of Paddling on the Paddle Guitar:


Tree Ring Records is more of a co-operative than a company. A co-operative of original music artists from Muskoka and Almaguin Highlands. This collective of artists, with the assistance of Hunters Bay Radio and Grant Nickalls, in his short lived career on Moose FM in Huntsville, have worked hard to promote the region as a music rich place. Within two years, the region has become know for its strong music scene, despite the economic struggles of today's music industry.



Tree Ring Records partnered with People First Huntsville, Community Living, and The All Abilities Dance Troupe to help support the End the R Word Campaign week.



Tree Ring Records' song to help support Huntsville Olympic athlete Dara Howell.