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Sean Cotton's Wooden Spaceship is the singer/songwriter side of the artist. Not satisfied with the standard songwriter presentation, Sean seats himself in the cockpit of his Wooden Spaceship with his hands steering the strings at 10 and 2, his gas foot thumping out the backbeat on his guitar-case-bass-drum, and his clutch foot tapping out the tamborine time. The songs are individual pieces that do not form a picture of a bigger puzzle. They speak for themselves and follow the muse of the moment, taking you to different places and stories. Most songs reflect musical styles from Sean's childhood in the 1970s. So maybe this spaceship is also used for time travel.



Sean cotton's Wooden Spaceship is a full length, live, solo recording from a 2013 performance in Bracebridge, Ontario at Ghetto Blaster Sound Factory's live recording space.




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